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Dietary supplement SILOR+B Silica with boron 1000 ml


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Silicon (Si) in Silor+B effects and benefits:
– has a positive effects on the skin’s flexibility and mucous membranes,
– maintains proper elasticity of the epidermis and elastin and collagen fibres in the skin,
– helps prevent cellulite and early aging of the skin,
– assists in healing varicose veins and skin diseases (e.g.: acne, rosacea, dermatophytosis, dandruff, psoriasis),
– removes skin irritations and inflammations,
– improves the condition of the skin and prevents early sagging,
– in the urinary tract, silicon plays a protective role against stones,
– prevents crystallization of minerals in the urinary tract,
– fights inflammation in the bladder,
– stimulates the growth of muscles, accelerates scarring,
– removes toxic substances from the cells,
– contributes to proper bone development,
– accelerates reproduction of bone (the levels at the conical growing point are 50 times higher than in other body parts)
Directions for use: Recommended daily dose: (45ml) contains 12.63 silica and 7 mg of boron, 1 ml of the solution contains 0.28 mg of silica and 0.15 mg of boron.
Recommended mainly to people with silica deficiency ( elderly people, athletes, convalescents, with cardiovascular diseases, skin problems or hair loss).

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