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Biochelate Zn-Cu-Mg 150 ml


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Dietary supplement offered by INVEX REMEDIES,in which an essential element for human body- zinc is in a form of biochelate so that it can be maximally absorbed by the body.
Zn-Cu-Mg was made in order to supplement zinc, copper and magnesium, which are the most important microelements for our health.
It is mostly recommended for people exposed to increased physical effort, stress, and for people who overdose nicotine, caffeine or alcohol.
Recommended for people with zinc, copper and magnesium deficiency, with lowered resistance to infections, skin problems and hair loss. Recommended for physically active people, elderly people, people living under pressure and those who use drugs. Recommended to assist in accelerating convalescence period.
Zinc (Zn) improves immunity, enhances healing, mineralizes bones, help maintain proper level of cholesterol in the blood, Zinc is an effective agent in acne, burns and psoriasis treatment.
Copper (Cu) is a component that is involved in the synthesis of more than 15 proteins, including collagen and elastin, which delays aging of the skin.
Dietary supplements containing zinc should be taken together with copper supplements in order to prevent potential deficiency of this mineral (antagonism),
Magnesium (Mg) stabilizes the function of the nervous system, improves memory, thinking and concentration. It lowers nervomuscular tension and strengthens the body’s defence.
Directions for use: recommended daily dose: 1 teaspoon (5 ml) every day. Mix well with ½ cup of fruit or vegetable juice or water. Do not use while fasting

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