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Ag124 Antibacterial lotion with monoionic silver 100 ml


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It is an excellent skin care product especially for skin type with a problem of excessive sebum production and acne. It effectively purifies the skin and acts against skin shine. Regulates and limits sebum production returning skin to normal state. It does not block skin pores and improves skin respiration. It has antibacterial properties and it prevents inflammation of hair follicles. It fastens skin healing process and prevents appearance of new exanthema. Moreover it stimulates skin renewal and prevents from harmful effect of external environment. It moisturizes the skin, and increases its elasticity. Reduces discoloration of the skin- lightens the skin. It improves a general appearance and condition of the skin. It contains antibacterial silver ions so it is especially recommended after shaving, waxing and after other cosmetic treatments. It does not contain alcohol. It has a very handy application form. It is easily absorbed by the skin.
Directions for use: Apply( spray) to a clean face and neck twice a day in order to achieve
satisfactory results. Leave until it dries.
Do not use for children below 3.
Effectiveness proven by in vivo tests.
Dermatologically tested.

Paraben free

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Additional Information

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